Less value than a reflexology voucher

Well, our 6th May concert is a month closer than it was last time I posted here and we’re still working on putting the program together. Ideas come into our heads thick and fast, and then seem to go all thin and soggy and get completely sucked out again. But we’ve not just booked the venue (St. George’s, Bristol), but have parted with the deposit as well so we’ll have to come up with something. The theme of the concert will be “Fanfares, Flourishes and Farewells” so unless we find a few fanfares lasting more than a couple of minutes were going to have a gig with about 45 items in it (each with it’s own totally original and interesting program note to be written by yours truly). Deep joy.
But enough of that, what’s the title of this post all about then?
Well, I don’t know how long this has been on the web but there is a page on the Clevedon Curzon Cinema web site that gives a list of winners for a prize draw held in December 2002. Our lovely CD “Music for Metal Instruments” was the 9th place prize which puts it just above a pair of tickets to the cinema, but below a bunch of reflexology vouchers for the 5th, 6th and 7th place prizes. And the 8th place prize was a CD by a string quartet! It’s good to know your place.

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3 Responses to Less value than a reflexology voucher

  1. andyderrick says:

    Looking forward to the concert on May 6th. I am coming along to be one of the many trombonists appearing for the Strauss. However, I still don’t know if I am playing alto, tenor or bass bone yet! Hope a decision is made soon:-)

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Last Trumpet,

    Just below a pain in the back is surely a pain in a£$e! Now that is fitting.

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